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Labor Refers ‘Mistaken’ $165,000 Donation to AEC for Investigation

February 07, 2020

Labor has written to the Australian Electoral Commission asking for an investigation into yesterday’s revelations of a ‘mistaken’ $165,000 donation to the Liberal Party from Scott Briggs’ Southern Strategy.

This is a serious matter that demands answers.

The Liberal Party and Scott Briggs must come clean and explain the real story behind the $165,000 that was declared as a political donation from Mr Briggs’ Southern Strategy to the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party have a statutory obligation to report donations correctly - that’s why the AEC should take a look at this.

Mr Briggs, a close friend of Scott Morrison, is a key figure in a bid for the controversial $1 billion visa privatisation tender.

Mr Briggs is a former Director of the Liberal Party and he is the current director of Southern Strategy. Importantly, Southern Strategy has the same address as Australian Visa Processing, one of two consortiums bidding for the $1 billion visa contract.

Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party are kidding themselves if they think this scandal will just disappear.

How can the Liberal Party accidentally think they’ve received $165,000?

This is as dodgy as it gets.

Scott Morrison is loose with the truth.

Scott Morrison has a history of putting his mates before the Australian people.

It’s time for Scott Morrison and Scott Briggs to come clean and tell the truth.

Privatising our visa system is all about private profit, not the national interest.

We know that a similar privatisation scheme in the United Kingdom has prompted a strong backlash - with lawyers and UK MPs calling for an investigation into the private scheme that rips off migrants and allows big companies to reap millions.

We know that a former senior Immigration official warned of “immense" risks from outsourcing of visa processing.

We also know that CPSU has warned that privatising Australia’s visa system could lead to another “robodebt’ debacle.

The evidence is clear, Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton must stop privatising Australia’s visa system, immediately.