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Morrison Must Unite Not Divide

July 12, 2019

Reports today that the Queensland LNP is considering a proposal which dictate to Muslim women how they should dress are offensive and deeply concerning. 

As Prime Minister, Mr Morrison has a responsibility to promote tolerance and respect in the community. 

This proposal has the potential to damage community harmony.

Mainstream political parties should be focused on addressing the real challenges Australia faces, and seeking to unite Australians, not divide us.

People should be free to wear what they want and to express their faith, free of interference from the Queensland LNP.  

Earlier this month Scott Morrison said: 

“I do not want religion to be an issue that divides Australians, it is deeply personal for people, I want to work through it in a way that enhances unity, not for political purposes. 
-    Scott Morrison, 1 July 2019

On this we agree with Mr Morrison. 

Will Mr Morrison stand by his words or will he fail his own test? It’s up to Mr Morrison to unite not divide Australians.