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School kids to pay for big business tax cuts

May 10, 2017

The Budget confirms that Malcolm Turnbull will cut $22 billion from schools to pay for a $50 billion big business tax cut.

What kind of Prime Minister rips money off schoolkids to give it to bankers? 

The $22 billion cut means every Australian school will lose an average of $2.4 million. It’s the equivalent of sacking 22,000 teachers.

To add insult to injury, around 90 per cent of the Liberals’ much lower funding for schools won’t begin to flow until five years from now.

Public schools will be hit particularly hard.  Because of the cuts, only one in seven public schools will reach a fair level of funding, even after ten years.

The Northern Territory, the nation’s most disadvantaged school system, gets the least help.

Catholic parish schools have warned the cuts will force them to raise fees, or possibly close.

There is no decent funding or detail about how students with disability will be supported.

Malcolm Turnbull only announced his new schools policy a week ago, but it’s already unravelling.

His colleagues hate it, teachers hate it, schools hate it, state governments hate it – and most importantly, parents know it will be bad for their kids.

Labor will fight Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to schools.

Over the next two years alone, Labor would have invested about $3 billion more than the Liberals in schools.

Only Labor will properly fund schools. That’s because we believe every child, in every classroom, deserves every opportunity.

You just can’t trust the Liberals on education.