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Locking in Brisbane's Future

April 29, 2021

My speech today is about the city of Brisbane and the South-East Queensland City Deal. The objectives, the progress, the hurdles and the future. And the role and responsibilities of a national government that’s on Brisbane’s side. In 2013, eight years ago, the SEQ Mayors first approached KPMG to investigate the transferring of the UK City Deals concept to South-East Queensland.

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The National Government's Role in the Development of Cities

April 21, 2021

A lot has happened since I was initially approached by the John Cain Foundation to discuss Labor’s approach to cities and urban policy. The foundation has joined with Per Capita. The world has been shaken by the COVID pandemic – which has accelerated trends and exposed weaknesses in our economy and society.

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ABC News Breakfast Saturday 10 April

April 10, 2021

If there were a vaccine for incompetence, Scott Morrison, his cabinet should be at the front of that queue. Because what we've seen here is something quite extraordinary, and a government failing to do its most important job. The thing is the Prime Minister said last year that he wanted to under promise, so he could over-deliver. And that was the first of so many promises that have been broken when it comes to vaccination.

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Address to Committee for Adelaide - Towards More Sustainable Cities

March 11, 2021

Getting urban policy right is critical to Australia's economic recovery. Cities are the places where the vast majority of Australians live and work. Our CBDs - the places which have dominated jobs growth for the past decade - have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

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No One Ought To Feel Alone

March 06, 2021

In 2013, 95,000 Liverpool fans packed the MCG and sang together the iconic club anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone". It was incredibly moving. For a fleeting minute or so, everyone in that stadium was connected, as we all need to be.

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Doorstop interview Thursday 25 February

February 25, 2021

Today's front page of the Herald Sun blows the whistle on Scott Morrison's rail park fail. Before the last election, Scott Morrison promised millions of suburban commuters better parking at train stations and what he's done instead is take them all for a ride. This is the Prime Minister who is always about the photo up, never about the follow through.

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