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Our Cities Must Keep Up If We're To Remain Globally Competitive

November 02, 2015

When Malcolm Turnbull talks about what distinguishes his government from that led by Tony Abbott, he often talks about cities.

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Climate skeptics and cheap sophistry – is this the new deal for the environment?

October 22, 2015

Is the new Prime Minister placing his ambition above the future of Australia? Scullin MP Andrew Giles explains that Turnbull’s flip flops on climate change may just be disastrous for our economic – and environmental – future.

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Does Malcolm Turnbull's exciting future include a fair go for workers? We hope so.

September 28, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull is about to receive two reports that could lead him to the right on industrial relations. But before he goes there, he must address inequality.

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I wouldn't have voted for Jeremy Corbyn, but Australian Labor can learn from his victory

September 14, 2015

The ALP must move quickly to understand why Jeremy Corbyn captured the imagination of Labour members – such a discussion shouldn’t be beneath us.

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Melbourne, most liveable but a tale of two cities

August 21, 2015

THIS week the Economist Intelligence Unit again crowned Melbourne as the world's most liveable city. Like most Melburnians, I took some time to soak in this triumph...

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Speech to ALP National Conference on boat turnbacks

July 25, 2015

Friends, 14 years ago, as a lawyer, I was just a little bit up the road: in 2001, in the federal court acting on behalf of the 433 asylum seekers on the MV Tampa...

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