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We have to change how we do politics. It's about more than looking busy.

September 27, 2018

Shortly after his retirement in 2010, former Labor minister Lindsay Tanner set out a powerful critique of the world he’d devoted his life to. In his book Sideshow, he wrote that two rules directed Australian politics: “(1) look like you’re doing something; and (2) don’t offend anyone who matters”.

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Note to the New Education Minister: You Need to Try Harder

September 24, 2018

The fundamental flaw in the Morrison government's school funding announcement is its purpose. It is designed to solve a political problem of the Liberals' own making, not to address the policy challenges of our education system, and what this means for Australia.

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Young voters

September 05, 2018

The question of whether 16 and 17 years olds should be able to vote in Australian elections is a vital one, but it can't distract from, or substitute for, a wider look at how our democracy is meeting the needs of young Australians.

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Government disarray

August 31, 2018

Conservative nostalgia for the nineties is so hot right now. John Howard is everywhere offering advice, whilst contemporary Liberals yearn for a government just like his...

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Whitlam, not Calwell - speech in support of Richard Wynne and Jen Kanis

February 01, 2018

I'd like to start by asking a question about the Greens. It's this: in the twelve years they've had representation in Victoria's parliament can anyone name one thing they have achieved?

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As politicians we must lift our game and respond to the frustrations of Australians

January 02, 2018

Our politics belong to all of us, and we collectively have to do better. To repair democracy, we should defend civil society and reinforce political institutions

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