Parliamentary speeches

Beirut explosion

August 25, 2020

I haven't been to Beirut, but the images of that beautiful city shattered earlier this month deeply affected and shook me, because Lebanon and Australia enjoy such a close and important relationship, and that is thanks to the extraordinary contribution to this nation by so many Lebanese Australians.

Recent years have brought so much tragedy to Lebanon, but we've seen resilience and generosity from its people in the face of this, including reaching out to those in even more need in that region.

I'm very proud to represent in the seat of Scullin so many Lebanese Australians and to enjoy their friendship.

I know this is something that is reflected across the northern suburbs of Melbourne and in Sydney and elsewhere.

I think in particular of my parliamentary colleague Nazih Elasmar at this time.

I'm proud of the extraordinary contribution these people have made to our country.

So I join my Labor colleagues at this very difficult time in extending my condolences as the member for Scullin and as Labor's shadow minister for multicultural affairs to the people of Lebanon and Lebanese Australians and to say this: right now we share your grief, we share your sorrow and we stand with you.