Protect La Trobe University jobs

Staff at La Trobe University need our help.

The Morrison Government have changed the criteria for JobKeeper payments to exclude universities such as La Trobe from accessing it to support hundreds of staff.

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Protect La Trobe University jobs

La Trobe is a key employer in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and in Bendigo and it is responsible for thousands of direct and indirect jobs through staff and service providers.

If the university cannot access JobKeeper they expect to have to lay off hundreds of workers, affecting not only staff but their families too.

JobKeeper was set up to help protect jobs. So why won’t the Morrison Government allow La Trobe to protect their workers?

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg could fix this problem with the stroke of a pen.

The Morrison Government needs to support La Trobe University staff, and allow the university JobKeeper access today.

Join Andrew Giles MP, Ged Kearney MP, Kate Thwaites MP, and Lisa Chesters MP to show your support for staff at La Trobe.