Constituent services

Federal Government departments and agencies

Andrew and his staff can work with you to try and resolve ongoing claims or issues that arise from your interactions with federal government agencies and services, including;

  • Centrelink
  • Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and related agencies
  • Australian Tax Office

Andrew's office can also contact a Federal Government department or minister on your behalf.

Anniversary messages

For Australians celebrating the achievement of a significant birthday and wedding anniversary, a congratulatory message from the Queen, the Governor-General, and the Prime Minister, are available on request.

Australians can receive a message from:

  • the Prime Minister on their 50th wedding anniversary and every year after, and on their 90th birthday and every year after
  • the Governor-General on their 50th wedding anniversary and every year after, and on their 100th birthday and every year after
  • The Queen on their 60th wedding anniversary and every fifth year after, and on their 100th birthday and every fifth year after

If you did not receive a message from The Queen for your 60th wedding anniversary or 100th birthday you can request one for a subsequent occasion (ie: 61st wedding anniversary or 101st birthday). You do not have to wait until your 65th wedding anniversary or 105th birthday.

You can request a message through Andrew's office. You will need to provide a marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport or statutory declaration as proof of the date of the occasion.

Please note: applications can only be made two months ahead of the anniversary.


Flags and other resources

Andrew's office stocks the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags for the following eligible recipients:

  • schools, local councils, churches and other non-profit or benevolent community organisations, associations and groups which have occasion to display the flag from flag poles on their premises, or which display the flag on special public occasions, or in halls or meeting rooms
  • community organisations, Australian exchange students and humanitarian aid workers undertaking official visits or duties overseas
  • a family member, or an ex-service organisation representative, for use at the funeral of an Australian war veteran.

There are also a number of other educational resources, such as pocket copies of the Constitution, books on Australian flags and symbols, bookmarks, pens and notepads available in limited numbers.


Grant programs

On occasions when the Federal Government has grant programs in operation, Andrew's office can assist local organisations and groups in applying for grant funding for community projects and activities.

Information kits

Andrew's office publishes two information kits; the Pensioners and Seniors Information Kit, as well as a Veterans Information Kit. Contact the office today to order your copy.



Other enquiries

If we can't help you, we can help direct to your local state MP or local council, or other services that can assist you with your enquiry.