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Concerns Around New Digital Border Platform

September 14, 2021

The Morrison-Joyce Government should be looking to support the safe reopening of the international border, however serious concerns remain about the Digital Passenger Declaration process. Keeping track of the vaccination status of people as they're entering and leaving Australia is the next step to opening the border, as is modernising Australia's incoming passenger card.

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FOI Release Confirms That Only the PM Can Explain Car Park Rorts

September 13, 2021

A response to a Freedom Of Information request reported this morning in Nine newspapers confirms suspicions and raises new concerns about the Morrison-Joyce Government's scandal-plagued Commuter Car Park Fund. We already knew that projects in this $660 million fund were selected according to a list of "top 20 marginal seats"...

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Morrison-Joyce Government Walking Away From Another Promise to Melbourne

August 23, 2021

Before the last election, the Prime Minister promised Melburnians two city deals - one for the north and west, the other the south-east. More than 800 days later, nothing has been delivered.

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Latest COVID translation bungle shows the Morrison Government is incapable of learning or listening

August 12, 2021

The Morrison-Joyce Government has yet again left multicultural communities behind in the vaccine rollout. This morning the ABC reported that official public health information provided for CALD communities is almost two months out of date.

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Census 2021: Who Counts, Who Is Counted And How We Could Do Better

August 10, 2021

Labor celebrates our multiculturalism and is encouraging every Australian household to participate in the Census. The census is an essential part of connecting government to people and people to government.

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PM Must Front Up And Come Clean On Carpark Rorts

August 06, 2021

Scott Morrison can't keeping running away from his role in the commuter car park program scandal. He must come clean. Despite evidence clearly pointing to his involvement, and that of his office, in the dodgy process of project selection, the Prime Minister is yet to account for his actions.

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