Media releases

Business Council of Australia Restates Need for Cities Policy

April 29, 2015

Key business figures are continuing to attack Tony Abbott’s lack of an urban policy, with the Business Council of Australia today again calling for political leadership in this area...

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New Report Shows Urgent Need for Urban Policy

April 24, 2015

Today’s report by Per Capita highlights the challenges faced by people in our metropolitan cities and the urgent need for a national urban policy...

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New Call for Action on Outer Suburbs

April 02, 2015

Labor joins the National Growth Areas Alliance in calling on the Abbott Government to invest in Australia’s outer-suburbs...

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Backdown on Legal Cuts Welcomed

March 26, 2015

Andrew Giles MP, Federal Member for Scullin, has welcomed the Abbott Liberal Government’s backdown on their planned cuts in funding to Community Legal Centres...

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A Tale of Two Tory Governments

March 21, 2015

The chasm between the British Conservative Government and the Abbott Government when it comes to cities has again been highlighted with the latest expansion of the UK’s City Deals program...

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Captain Chaos Can't Join the Dots on our Cities

March 20, 2015

Comments today by Tony Abbott have again proven his ignorance and ineptitude when it comes to our cities, this time in Melbourne...

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