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Scott Morrison's Leaky Hotel Quarantine At Risk Again At Hands of Far-Right Troll

July 17, 2021

Scott Morrison’s border security controls have again been exposed following his Liberal Government’s decision to allow a far-right troll into Australia, who is now boasting about her efforts to breach hotel quarantine rules.

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COVID Communications Must Work For Everyone - Not Confuse

July 11, 2021

The vaccination campaign must work for everyone. Labor remains concerned that the Morrison Government hasn’t learned the important public health lessons from last year.

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Morrison Government Only Interested in Talking to Itself

July 07, 2021

After the damning ANAO report into the commuter Gar park program found that the Morrison government failed to consult with councils and state governments, it has now been revealed that the hand picked expert panel the Cities Reference Group hasn't met since February 2019.

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Car Park Rorts Show Scott Morrison Is Not On Your Side

July 03, 2021

Australians can now easily see just how Mr Morrison and his mates rorted the $660 million taxpayer-funded Commuter Car Park Fund to help them get elected before the 2019 election. Labor's Not On Your Side website has been updated today to help Australians make sense of how Mr Morrison has treated taxpayers' money like it's Liberal Party money.

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Minister: Car Park Scandal A-OK With Us

June 29, 2021

The Morrison Government’s response to the revelations of industrial-scale rorting within the Commuter Car Park fund tells you everything you need to know about this tired, dysfunctional Government. Speaking to ABC Radio this morning, Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher, of Leppington Triangle fame, argued there was nothing wrong with spraying around taxpayer money as long as you win an election.

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Car Park Rorts: Dodgy Spreadsheets, Ineligible Projects and Still Nowhere to Park Your Car

June 28, 2021

The Australian National Audit Office’s report into the Morrison Government’s trouble-plagued Commuter Car Park program has uncovered ineligible projects, rampant under-delivery, the political targeting of projects and secret spreadsheets shared between the then-Minister Tudge and the Prime Minister’s Office.

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