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Senate Inquiry Recommends Scrapping Visa Privatisation

February 28, 2020

The Morrison Government’s controversial visa privatisation scheme should be scrapped, according to a Senate Committee inquiry into outsourcing of government services. This is another embarrassing blow to Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton as they try to sell off Australia’s $1 billion visa system.

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Hobart City Deal Stuck in the Slow Lane

February 24, 2020

The Hobart City deal is stuck in the slow lane because of the Morrison Government’s incompetence. Today marks one year since the signing of the Hobart City Deal and there’s been little or no progress. Plans to activate the Northern Suburbs Transit Corridor have stalled...

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Taking It To The Streets - Morrison’s $3 Billion Urban Congestion Rort

February 23, 2020

Scott Morrison has taken his rorts to the streets, pouring over 83 percent of the $3 billion allocated from the Urban Congestion Fund in to Liberal seats and seats targeted by the Liberal Party.

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Morrison Is Privatising Australia’s Visa System and It Will Be a Disaster

February 10, 2020

The Morrison Government is privatising Australia’s visa system and it will be a disaster. Right now the Morrison Government is deciding which private consortium will operate Australia’s visa system. In Question Time today, I asked the Prime Minister...

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Labor Refers ‘Mistaken’ $165,000 Donation to AEC for Investigation

February 07, 2020

Labor has written to the Australian Electoral Commission asking for an investigation into yesterday’s revelations of a ‘mistaken’ $165,000 donation to the Liberal Party from Scott Briggs’ Southern Strategy. This is a serious matter that demands answers.

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Morrison's Dodgy Visa Privatisation Tender in Chaos

February 06, 2020

The Morrison Government's privatisation of Australia's visa system has descended into complete chaos. According to Australian Electoral Commission records it appears that entities associated with close mate of Scott Morrison, Scott Briggs, have recently donated a total of around $300,000 to the Liberal Party.

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